Time: 6:42
Software: Premiere Pro CS5.5
Equipment: GoPro Hero 2

Description: In this short video the intention was to use the camera to see the world in a different way. When working with video the intention is most often to capture something happening live in order to share with an audience at another time in another location. In this case the camera was used to see the world in another way. When riding a bicycle the rider sees the view ahead or to the left and right. Never focusing on the mechanics of the bike or the interaction with light and shadows this video captures the essence of routes taken by a cyclists takes on any day. A GoPro Hero 2 was used in order to capture the scene exactly as it was. A camera that is usually utilized to capture the person in the events reaction, the camera was used in this case as a tracking device. Tracking the ground and space around the moving bicycle rather than the stationary person riding the bicycles facial expressions. The GoPro Hero 2 also has no in camera editing capabilities such as zoom, focus, and exposure or even white balance so in this case what you see is what you get. A total of eight videos were taken and used in the series.