On long flights passengers have no choice but to hunker down and watch a movie or make a workstation in their crunched seat. Traveling to a cutting edge conference, you start to get energized and enthusiastic to be creative. By the time you make it through baggage claim and get onto a shuttle you begin to hear other riders talking about their work and business practices and how MAX gets them to the top of their game. Whether you are in the print industry or interactive design, AdobeMAX is the place to be!

As a print designer I have always worked in the software that is financially available or provided to me via employer. After attending my first pre-conference lab; The Digital Publishing Platform from Adobe, I cannot wait for the next big thing in interactive publications and the future of print on the web. Spending the last 4 years creating print publications from newspapers all the way to perfect bound monthly publications, I am tired of hearing print is dead. As a print designer that has had the opportunity to work in many publication formats, and has also learned of many new technologies in the publishing world, I believe print is going nowhere. There are so many new techniques coming into the market that make print more valuable than it ever has been before. With the opportunity to pursue our print readers to read online and template designed publications, there are so many new techniques that publishers can take advantage of to promote their work on multiple platforms.

After talking with the creators and developers during the Digital Magazine Solution lab, I have realized that I am in a position that I cannot choose to only create print publication designs. As a designer in today’s market, I must learn to do more than just print design in order to survive.

Having the opportunity to interact with speakers and other attendees, I was amazed by the new interactive techniques in InDesign CS5. Transferring your print file into an interactive format has never been easier. With the use of Adobe Interactive Overlay Creator and Adobe Digital Content Bundler, you can easily get your print publication onto your template device in a few clicks. During this lab there were many Ah-Ha moments when we all realized that there are better and easier ways to do things.

Presenter Stephen Hart; Digital Publishing Solutions Manager at Adobe Systems; helped all attendees understand their importance in the future of publications.

“By attending this session today and getting immersed into digital interactive publishing, you are the pioneers in this. In 5 years these (iPads) will be a dime a dozen. Adobe Supports all future devices that will carry this format (future iPad similar devices).”

By the end of this lab we were all asking what these future devices would be. We got a polite answer of “Wait until tomorrow” with a grin. Tomorrow I will learn what these new devices will be what measures Adobe is taking to be sure that interactive publications will be compatible with all future devices.