For the Huntingdon Farmers Market project I worked with the Huntingdon County Local Food Association leaders to create a consistent and cohesive brand that represents the markets weekly seasonal offerings. We worked to research and rework their public image following several in person meetings and brainstorm sessions. In addition to meeting with the market leaders, I had discussions with several vendors to identify their perspective of the market and what makes it special.

The new brand consisted of new messaging and a new visual identity campaign released through print and online platforms. Deliverables included cross platform analysis of existing and needed branding, budget evaluation based on priority, updates to social media, updated photos from current vendors and market setup, and design of new print materials to promote the market to local food assistance programs and visiting tourist. One final print piece that was key was the poster design for 2016 and 2017. The market had been working with local high school students from Juniata Valley School District.


Following the initial brand design, the next step worked to create materials for the Chefs Table Cooking Demonstrations. These design materials needed to be printed easily on a color copier and distributed to varying outlets. In addition to print promotion, I developed Facebook events for the pre-event promotion and post event sharing of chef recipes and ingredients.