Worked with McBurney Manor Bed & Breakfast to brand the bed and breakfast focusing on web promotion of the rurally located business. Deliverables included website development, social media design, and new print promotional materials. In addition to the manor branding, we worked to design print materials for the Hearth Baked Artisan Breads including bread labels and bakehouse signage. Client requested new images of the manor for future promotional materials. Worked to document the manor while vacant and to focus on highlighting the Bake House pizza events to begin social media promotions that the client could take over once the project was complete.

Designed an exterior road side sign based on the final logo and color palette. Worked with a local sign making company to select materials that would withstand the elements of weather and sun rays. Final sign is double sided and measures 3.5 feet wide by 3.25 feet tall. The sign is designed to add additional businesses on the post. The sign is made from sheets of PVC and Sherwin Williams exterior paint.