After many weeks of research, comps, designs, and plans (drum-roll please….) the latest issue of the Purdue Alumnus Magazine is complete! The Jan/Feb ’11 issue highlights the upcoming changes to Purdue University’s unofficial mascot Purdue Pete. While working on this issue, I spent time working with the office of Special Archives to ensure that we shared the best of all the history of Pete.

One of my favorite features in this issue covers the story and time-line of Purdue University Professor Negishi receiving the Nobel Prize for his work in the field of Chemistry. On the sports front we also share the making of a strong wrestling team and the future of the Purdue Crew team. Take a break from your work and read a story or two. Just remember, you don’t have to be a Purdue Alum to enjoy the Purdue Alumnus! Click here for the full issue.