Time: 2:04
Software: Premiere Pro CS5.5
Source footage from the Prelinger Archives: Toxemia in Pregnancy (1958), Perversion for Profit (1964-65), Medical Quackery The Girl Who Found Herself (1920’s).

Description: Pregnancy in the 1950’s was very different than today. The ideals of what women should eat and ways to care for themselves were less strident than today. The source footage for this video highlighted women smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. Playing off of several videos including Toxemia in Pregnancy and the idea of what’s right in society during that time, the term Toxemia is used as a disguise for toxic thoughts. Although toxemia is another term for preeclampsia, medically toxemia is a diagnosis that only occurs only in pregnant women after week 20 of gestation. It is related to a combination of high blood pressure and protein in urine. Taking the term toxemia and relating it to society and the ideals of the early 20th century, this video questions pregnant women possessing thoughts of sexual fantasy or what would otherwise be considered toxic thoughts of the time. Mixing in Perversion for Profit footage, which focused on anti-pornographic conspiracies, the videos create a message of women creating their own ailments through what are considered negative thoughts.